Virtual Staging

The Benefits of Virtual Staging

Studies have shown that houses that are vacant sit on the market longer than homes that are staged.  Also, most potential buyers will spend less time viewing a home online if the home is vacant. Virtual staging can help you get buyers through the door.

Allow Happy is the After to virtually stage your listing and give potential buyers the chance to see what the home could look in its best possible light.

Virtual Staging isn't just for realtors or someone listing their home. Virtual Staging can allow clients to see what their future space will look like when the project is complete.  Happy is the After will photograph and measure your home and with all the information you provided during your consultation, we will present you with 2 different options for your space. 

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If your house is vacant and still on the market, consider virtual staging.

If you are wondering how furniture or how a certain room will look in your new home, we can help with providing you virtual staging.

5 rooms for 150.00

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